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Our Mission at Braunfels Labs - deliver premium skin care products & solutions to our loyal customers throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia / New Zealand - worldwide!

Our sulfur soaps, cremes, ointments and certified essential oils are truly the finest in the world using premium ingredients, scientific formulations and advanced processes. Our signature products such as Sulfur Butter™ Creme 'n Ointment are manufactured at our FDA registered facility in Texas. Our cleansing bar soap products are distributed to patients by dermatologists throughout the U.S.A.. in 2013, our customers found something new! Great pricing and the convenience of having home delivery through!

Today, many thousands of items are inventoried in Amazon warehouses throughout the USA. Those customers with Amazon Prime membership enjoy the option for free two day delivery on most all products. Next day delivery is often available for only $3.99 extra / each item, for Amazon Prime members. Our loyal customers appreciate these extra offerings and service options. Currently, Amazon features about 10+ pages of Braunfels Labs inventory, including our premium sulfur soaps. Click here to see.

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We've introduced many exciting new products. Three customer favorites are:

What's ahead? New products by Braunfels Labs for full distribution:

What else besides soaps and ointments? How about the latest innovative personal care product relating to toilet hygiene! Have you tried our new Hygienna Solo portable personal bidet? A simple and discreet solution to getting much cleaner than using toilet paper alone - perfect when you're on the go, for travels, at the office, or while camping and other outings. Take a look to your right. Discreet & lightweight. Pops right into most any portable water bottle, and off you go with a nifty little bidet to keep you clean. Great also for campers. Runners and bicyclists, too! Just before the big marathon lots of athletes use the Porta-Potties to lighten the load, and ahhhhh, - wouldn't you know, there's little toilet paper at hand. No worries! Carry the Solo, and feel fresh! Who would have guessed? Now, that's innovation!

We are located in the central Texas hill country, right dab in the middle of the Wimberley, San Marcos and New Braunfels/Gruene region.

Fast shipping! Super service! Premium products! Braunfels Labs, that's the way we do it.

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